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I just saw the guy I used to be with who blocked me on Facebook and my phone number is now blocking me on instagram... Wow that's pathetic. And I didn't even do anything... He must really hate me. Plus he accuse me of threatening his gf lmao I don't even know her like who is she? and how the fuck did I even threaten her... I used to think he was friend but now you're no longer a friend or a person to me so gtfo of my life!
having really hot coversations with a guy turns me on so much ;)

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Me when I watched the inconvenient truth 3 times

First time watching it: heh this is interesting
Second time: Okay...
Third time: OMFG!! when is this going to end?!

So if someone ask me to watch that movie with them I'm going to be like "Fuck no"
I'm really scared right now. I'm scared of being hurt. I really want us to work out. :(
Soo I went on my first date yesterday :D I had a great time and he told me he also had a great time. maybe a second date haha
So this boy that ask me on a date... I talk to him like everyday now and I really like talking to him. lol but every time I talk to him I always try not to like him too much I'm scared he's some kind of a asshole that likes to play with girl's hearts. (Your not fooling me!)
ugh I have a date next week and I can't stop thinking about it... I'm too nervous about it, I actually kind of like him. lol
My biggest achievement last year was removing every last negative people out of my life. The moment I unfriend them on facebook was the happest moment of my life. No more mean comments, no more annoying messages. Now I can finally enjoy the site in peace. Then they started to add me back again but I ignore them.

and to all the people who have supported me in my life thank you. I couldn't have made it to 2014 without you.

For the next 5 months since these are my last days of me being a teen. I'm going to enjoy it while I still can before I turn 20 (wow I feel old haha)

I have lots of hope for this year.
First sad thought of 2014

Just hours ago my mom ask me "Why don't you ever go to NYE parties?" and I answer "Cuz I never get invited into any :(" I feel left out right now. Every year I never get invited into any... everytime I see people post picture and status about their parties I get kind of jealous.


Jan. 1st, 2014

Happy New Year! :D I hope 2014 will be more greater than 2013... Hope everyone have a splendid day!! :)